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Uniseals Vs Tank Connectors

Why use Uniseals?

Uniseals Vs Tank Connectors Comparison Chart

Uniseals are versatile and excellently do what they are designed to do.

Uniseal   Tank
Provides structural integrity There is no inherent strength in the connection.
Fits flat surfaces As they are both supposed to.
Fits complex curves Like a blue barrel or into another pipe.
Can be fitted at an angle Up to 15° building tolerance.
Fitted using only one tool A holesaw.
Quickly dismantles Just slip the pipe out.
Replace pipes Just slip another pipe in.
Re-usable Ideal for hydroponics.
No solvent required Ever.
No gap filler required Ever.
Pressure tested Good up to 65 P.S.I.
Low profile Fit two vessels side by side.
Frost/freezing proof Won't crack or split.
Fitted without access to
the inside of a vessel
Ideal for connecting IBC containers.
Guaranteed for 25 years By the manufacturer.

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Uniseal Vs Tank Connector
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Installation
Uniseal Hole size chart
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