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DuPont Alcryn Uniseals® - connect pipes to tanks without bulky bulheads, tank connectors, nuts and bolts, "O" rings or messy silicone to fill the gaps and using only one part.

Uniseal® products replace traditional plumbing hardware with a single injection moulded unit requiring no component parts. They were designed by Dupont to solve many of the issues of pipe to tank connections for industrial applications. For many industries pipe to tank seals are traditionally among the most complex connections to manufacture. Traditional seals require multiple parts such as, rigid flanges, bolts, washers, o-rings, along with long assembly times and high production costs for businesses.

The DuPont developed Alcryn® is the key to the liquid-tight seal. When the pipe is pushed through the rubber-like Uniseal® from the outside, the inside Alcryn® wall becomes thin enough to allow the pipe to squeeze through and then forms a liquid-tight seal. The coefficient of friction with the plastic pipe is higher using a Uniseal® than any other material which allows it to create a better liquid tight seal.

Uniseals® will connect pipes to complex contoured surfaces without deforming the tank and are compatible with both water and oil based materials.

Standard Uniseals® are made to fit ABS, PVC and steel pipes from 3/16" (5mm) to 6" (150mm) through tank/vessel wall thickness of 1/8" (3mm) to 1/2" (13mm).

The greatest assets to Uniseal® products are that they have a quicker and easier installation process and pipes can be removed and replaced at a later time.

There is no requirement to cut a pipe exactly to length to fit into a bulkhead, the pipe passes straight through the wall of the tank, whether it is a flat or curved surface, surrounded by the Uniseal® and no solvent welding is required. There is some leeway on the angle that the pipe passes through the Uniseal® (up to 15 degrees) so unlike normal bulkheads some building tolerance can be applied.

The effort is worth it, pipes and Uniseals® can be removed and with care re-used time and again. No more having to cut solvent welded fittings from pipes or having to fit expensive rubber boots due to design changes or mistakes. Want to change the design of your entry point into your vessel, simply leave the Uniseal® in place, leave a short length of pipe and cap it off. Uniseals® are also ideal for a hydroponic bucket system as with some care they are re-usable.

Some interesting Uniseal testing. This time by an informed Reef Tank hobbyist.

Uniseal® applications
Koi pond filter systems
Koi quarantine tanks
Air line introduction into tanks
Fish pond filtration
Aquaponics reservoir and water systems
Hydroponics reservoir and water systems
Aquariums with external filters
Reef aquarium systems
Rainwater collection systems
Connecting IBC containers
Connecting blue barrels
Connecting water barrels
Yacht and motorboat chandlery
House filtration systems
Plumbing systems
Drainage systems
And more........

Only one tool is required to achieve a watertight seal - a holesaw.



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Uniseal Uniseal-U150 Uniseal- U300 Uniseal- U400

Our latest additions 6 inch Uniseals, both sizes i.e. Uniseals U600 and Uniseals U600 SDR-35, are now part of our stock holding. We only have a small number in stock so drop us an email or give us a call if you require some.

We have just launched our Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range pipe connector products. We are stocking the complete Flexseal plumbing range. We also have an advert on eBay selling the product. Checkout the menu on the left of the page.

Call 07484 171458 for prices.

Uniseal Applications
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Installation
Uniseal Hole size chart
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