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Metric Uniseals

Pipes come in all sizes and are used for many different applications e.g. water, gas, electricity. Many are designed to work within their own systems and do not fit together with other systems.

Uniseals are made in Imperial sizes in the U.S.A. to fit their industrial pipe standard known as Schedule 40. This is a thick walled pipe we call Pressure Pipe as opposed to thin walled pipe used as standard in U.K. and European housing. There is not such a thing as a "Metric Uniseal". Many Uniseals will however work effectively with any pipe which has the correct Outside Diameter (O.D.).

When the application is not industrial e.g. fish ponds, Hydroponics, Aquaponics etc. a seal which withstands an industrial pressure of up to 65 P.S.I. is not required and the fit through a Uniseal does not have to be super tight as long as it remains waterproof at lower pressures. To give you something to guage pressure, mains pressure water is targeted at around 10 P.S.I. where it comes into our homes.

The table below indicates which Uniseals work well with metric sized pipe O.D's.

Metric Uniseal® Pipe and Holesaw Size Table

Fits Pipe
Part No
Uniseal® Size
Nominal Pipe I.D.
Holesaw Size
Flow per
Metric   Metric     Imperial  Metric    Metric    
 6mm   6mm   U018 3/16" 4.75mm   8mm drill bit *1  
10mm   10.5mm   U0312 5/16" 8mm   13mm drill bit *2  
20mm   21mm   U050 1/2" 12.7mm   32mm holesaw *2  32 litres
25mm   27mm   U075 3/4" 19.2mm   32mm holesaw *2  50 litres
32mm   33mm   U100 1" 25.4mm   44mm holesaw    73 litres
40mm   42mm   U125 1 1/4" 32mm   51mm holesaw    115 litres
60mm   60mm   U200 2" (2.0") 51mm   76mm holesaw    250 litres
75mm   75mm   U275 2 3/4" 70mm   102mm holesaw *2  400 litres

 *1 Note 1 - Many websites show the required hole size for the 3/16 inch Uniseal as 10mm - it isn't and this would be realised by anybody who has fitted them. The actual Uniseal hole size for a 3/16" Uniseal required is 8 mm and can be created using a (sharp) drill bit.

*2 Note 2 - Although our full range is not shown here Uniseals U025 and U0312, Uniseals U050 and U075, Uniseals U275 and U300, Uniseals U400 and U400-SDR35 require the same sizes of holes. The difference is made up in the thickness of the Alcryn rubber. Uniseals with the same hole size are interchangeable, handy if you have the smaller size and want to increase the flow.

*3 Note 3 - Always measure accurately the Outside Diameter (O.D.) of your pipe.


Pipe sizes are often printed somewhere along the length of the pipe. To give you an example standard 40mm household pipe which is usually solvent welded (glued) is normally 43mm O.D. (and is a tough fit into a Uniseal U125) A better fit can be achieved in a U125 however with standard 40mm push fit pipe which actually has a smaller O.D.


Downloadable Metric Uniseal Hole Size Chart Image

Metric Uniseal Hole Size Chart

Our latest additions 6 inch Uniseals, both sizes i.e. Uniseals U600 and Uniseals U600 SDR-35, are now part of our stock holding. We only have a small number in stock so drop us an email or give us a call if you require some.

We have just launched our Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range pipe connector products. We are stocking the complete Flexseal plumbing range. We also have an advert on eBay selling the product. Checkout the menu on the left of the page.

Call 07484 171458 for prices.

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