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Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Connectors manufactured in the UK and perfect for connecting pipes of varying sizes together.

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Flexseal REC76 End Cap - 67-76mm

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Flexseal REC76 End Cap - 67-76mm - £16.49 inc. P&P

Pipe O.D. - 67-76mm

Common Applications -

End cap for 2 3/4" (75mm Outside Diameter) ABS/PVCu pipe.

Shipping - Free - Posted Royal Mail First Class by the end of the next working day at the latest. Normally posted on the same day if ordered before 1600 hrs.

Magnify Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap photo Flexseal_End_Cap_REC76_01_800.jpg
Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap
  Magnify Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap photo Flexseal_End_Cap_REC76_02_800.jpg
Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap
  Magnify Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap photo Flexseal_End_Cap_REC76_03_800.jpg
Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap
  Magnify Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap photo Flexseal_End_Cap_REC76_04_800.jpg
Flexseal REC76 Plumbing End Cap


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We also sell flexseals on Here
We also sell flexseals on Here

Genuine Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range Connectors from the Uniseal Shop - The price you see is the price you pay, no extra postage (that is included in the price). We operate as a UK business and happily export worldwide. We sell all sizes of the genuine Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range. Beware of imitation, if it isn't a Flexseal it would be an inferior imitation. Our Flexseals come directly to us from the manufacturer in the UK, are guaranteed 100% genuine and we have a 30 day "No Quibble" return policy if unused.

If you would like to purchase Flexseals for delivery outside of the UK please contact us for the extra postage costs . Since the weights of the parts vary it is impossible to determine the extra cost in every case and we are trying to keep your purchase cost down.

The Product - Flexseal - connect pipes to pipes using only one part and without using messy solvent glue.

Flexseal Plumbing products replace traditional plumbing hardware with an injection moulded EPDM unit and end clamps in Grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel requiring no extra component parts. They were designed by Flexseal to solve many of the issues of pipe to pipe connections for low pressure connections.

The Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range consists of EPDM straight connectors, EPDM rubber pipe Tees, EPDM rubber elbow connectors, EPDM rubber reducers and EPDM rubber end caps. Sometimes called rubber boots, an all encapsulating term for both EPDM and PVC varieties, the Flexseal product is at the top of retail offerings and is produced in the U.K. by Flexseal which is a subsidiary of Fernco.

The Flexseal developed EPDM coupling is the key to the liquid-tight seal. The flexible Flexseal EPDM unit with a higher coefficient of friction, higher elasticity and ridged internal connection face allows it to create a better liquid tight seal with a pipe than any other material such as cheaper flexible PVC which is widely used as a plumbing coupling. The ends are clamped with Grade1.4301 (304) stainless steel to provide a long lasting connection. The Flexseal EPDM coupling tightened to a low tightening torque of 6Nm provides a superior drip free connection and is less liable to slipping off from smooth pipes. This is important when the connecter is used internally or on the likes of hydroponic systems.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber made from ethylene and propylene and has excellent ozone and weather resistant properties.

Standard Flexseals are made to fit ABS, PVC, steel or any other pipes with an Outside Diameter from 24mm to 100mm.

The greatest assets to Flexseal products are that they have a quicker and easier installation process and can be removed and replaced at a later time.

No more having to cut solvent welded fittings from pipes due to design changes or mistakes. Pipes and Flexseals can be removed and with care re-used time and again. Want to change the design of your system, simply release the stainless steel Unversal clip and remove the Flexseal. Flexseals are also ideal for a hydroponic system as they are re-usable. Although initially more expensive than solvent welded connections the first time that you have to replace solvent welded connectors and pipes will help you understand the benefits of Flexseal EPDM rubber boots.

Flexseal applications

Aquaponics reservoir and water systems
Hydroponics reservoir and water systems
Koi pond filter systems
Koi quarantine tanks
Fish pond filtration
Aquariums with external filters
Reef aquarium systems
Rainwater collection systems
Connecting IBC containers
Connecting blue barrels
Connecting water barrels
Yacht and motorboat chandlery
House filtration systems
Plumbing systems
Drainage systems
And more........

Only one tool is required to achieve a watertight seal - a screwdriver. Flexseal EPDM Plumbing couplings can also be tightened/loosened with an 8mm nut driver or an 8mm spanner.

Flexseal Sizing Charts

Flexseal Straight Connector Size Chart

Straight Rubber
Boot Connectors

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Reference No   Size Range (mm)   Common Applications
PC35   30-35mm  

32mm Copper, 32mm Polypropylene, 1" ABS/PVCu

PC43   38-43mm  

42mm Copper, 40mm Polypropylene

PC56   48-56mm  

50mm Polypropylene/HDPE, 54 mm Copper

PC68   60-68mm  

50mm Cast Iron, 67mm Copper.

PC76   67-76mm  

75mm PVCu

PC85   76-85mm  

75mm Cast Iron, 76mm Copper, 70mm Cast Iron.

PC92   82-92mm  

75mm Cast Iron, 3" ABS/PVCu

DC115   100-115mm  

4" ABS/PVCu (part of the Drainage Coupling EPDM range)

Tee Rubber
Boot Connectors

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Reference No   Size Range (mm)   Common Applications
PT38   30-38mm  

32mm PP, 35mm Copper, 32mm ABS, 32mm PE.

PT50   40-50mm  

40mm ABS/PVC, 42mm Copper.

PT60   50-60mm  

54mm Copper, 50mm Cast Iron, 50mm PVC/ABS, 50mm Galvanised Steel.

PT90   78-90mm  

70mm Cast Iron, 75mm Cast Iron, 82mm PVC, 75mm Galavanised.

PT118   106-118mm  

100mm Cast Iron, 110mm PVC, 100mm Galvanised Steel, 108mm (4") Copper, 100mm Polyethylene.

Rubber Boot
Elbow Connectors

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Reference No   Size Range (mm)   Common Applications
PE38   30-38mm  

32mm PP, 35mm Copper, 32mm ABS, 32mm PE.

PE50   40-50mm  

40mm ABS/PVC.

PE60   50-60mm  

54mm Copper, 50mm Cast Iron, 50mm PVC, 50mm Galvanised Steel.

PE90   78-90mm  

70mm Cast Iron, 75mm Cast Iron, 82mm PVC, 75mm Galvanised Steel.

PE118   106-118mm  

100mm Cast Iron, 110mm PVC, 100mm Galvanised Steel, 108mm (4") Copper, 100mm Polyethylene.

Rubber Adaptor

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Reference No   Size Range (mm)
Large End
  Size Range (mm)
Small End
  Common Applications
PAC0301   30-34mm   24-28mm  

32mm Copper - 25mm Polypropylene.

PAC0431   38-43mm   30-35mm  

35mm Copper - 25mm ABS.

PAC0562   48-56mm   38-43mm  

54mm Copper - 40mm ABS/PVC.

PAC0682   60-68mm   38-43mm  

67mm Copper - 40mm ABS/PVC.

PAC0923   82-92mm   48-56mm  

75mm Cast Iron - 54mm Copper.

PAC0924   82-92mm   60-68mm   75mm Cast Iron - 50mm Cast Iron.
AC1155   100-115mm   75-90mm  

4" ABS/PVC - 2 3/4" ABS/PVC, 3" ABS/PVC.

AC1226   110-122mm   60-68mm  

4" ABS/PVC - 2" ABS/PVC.

AC1221   110-122mm   80-95mm  


End Caps

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Reference No   Size Range (mm)   Common Applications
REC36   28-36mm  

End cap for 1" PVCu/ABS.

REC45   37-45mm  

End cap for 40mm Polypropylene, 1 1/4" PVCu/ABS

REC56   48-56mm  

End cap for 1 1/2" ABS/PVCu.

REC68   60-68mm  

End cap for 2" ABS/PVCu.

REC92   82-92mm  

End cap for 3" ABS/PVCu.

REC115   105-115mm  

End cap for 4" ABS/PVCu.

REC85   76-85mm  

End cap for 3" (76mm) Outside Diameter Pipes.

REC76   67-76mm  

End cap for 2 3/4" (75mm Outside Diameter) ABS/PVCu pipe.

Standard Pipe Sizes - Flexseals are designed for industrial processes and work flawlessly on any pipe including copper, gavanised steel, PVC and ABS pressure pipe which is generally thick walled. Other pipes come in different Outside Diameter (O.D.) sizes.

Service - We have an old fashioned view of service and have found that this has paid dividends for us as we grow our business, we are justifiably proud of our service record and our feedback reflects what our customers feel about us. Y

Delivery - We will get the Flexseal products to you as fast as we can. We ship every day to catch the last uplift from the local Royal Mail Post Office and items are normally all posted First Class. This often means that items are delivered the next day. Items over £20 are sent "Signed For". We are not in business to make profits from our customers postal charges and will keep those charges as low as possible! First Class is actually sometimes quicker particularly at the end of the week.

Returns - We have an Absolute "No Quibble" 100% guarantee - If you find you no longer require your Flexseals for any reason within 30 days the Uniseal Shop will refund the full product cost as long as the Flexseal has not been used, or trial fitted etc. If the resealable bag has been opened or damaged this is not a problem. There is only a small charge to cover our initial Postage (not packing) costs and you will understand what this is when you post back to us.

How to return an item - Email the Uniseal Shop for a returns number, package your returning items up in the original packing and for most items you will need to send it/them back through a Post Office. The Uniseal Shop will refund your product costs through PayPal within one working day of receipt of the item.

Why do we provide this Returns service - EPDM Flexseals are a fantastic product that few people in the UK use due to the predominance of much less expensive but lower performing PVC connectors, we feel that we can be evangelical about the product. Put yourself at ease - trying the product from us will only cost you the postage! So even if you change your mind or find a better solution you can return your Flexseal items, we won't mind, at least you will have investigated the Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range.

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