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Please Note - We are on holiday for a couple of days. Postage will be resumed on Monday 2nd August 2021. You can still order items but they will not arrive before Tuesday 3rd August at the earliest.

For your information - The manufacturer of Uniseals is suffering from a pandemic related worldwide shortage of raw materials which could lead to a shortage of Uniseals in the retail environment in the next few months. We still have almost all sizes but stocks are getting low.

We will ship our Uniseals worldwide. If you wish to purchase Uniseals outside of the the UK, Europe and the European Union please contact us for post and packing charges.


Payment can be made through Paypal in UK Pounds, Euros or US Dollars. You do not need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal, we send an invoice to your email address you click the link and pay by credit card, we send your Uniseals. We post at the end of every working day so there will be little hold up using this method.


European Countries


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Our latest additions 6 inch Uniseals, both sizes i.e. Uniseals U600 and Uniseals U600 SDR-35, are now part of our stock holding. We only have a small number in stock so drop us an email or give us a call if you require some.

We have just launched our Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range pipe connector products. We are stocking the complete Flexseal plumbing range. We also have an advert on eBay selling the product. Checkout the menu on the left of the page.

Call 07484 171458 for prices.

Uniseal Applications
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Installation
Uniseal Hole size chart
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